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No Strings Productions is a not-for-profit production company that makes entertaining, educational PUPPET VIDEOS for children, their families & their communities. To date our productions have been made for children in the developing world and have addressed issues that are crucial to the lives of those children … (read more)


KATHRYN MULLENArtistic Director, Co-founder: No Strings Productions
Starting on “The Muppet Show” Kathy was a core Muppet performer for 10 years. Among many roles, she played leads in Fraggle Rock and The Dark Crystal and was a co-creator and principle puppeteer on the PBS reading series Between the Lions … (read more)


In 2002 international aid coordinator, Johnie McGlade, had just returned from Afghanistan where he had overseen the building of a bakery in a displaced persons camp. There he’d seen thousands of Afghans who had fled from the American bombings spawned by the tragedy of 9/11 and there he witnessed many injuries (mostly to children) caused by landmines … (read more)


Collaborating with our sponsoring organizations and their domestic or in-country experts, a video production is designed to reflect the culture of its intended region, while, at the same time, being generic enough to be extended into other nearby or similar regions … (read more)


Each No Strings video is designed to deliver a specific message to a specific audience. The puppets, settings, costumes and music are developed to appeal to and reflect the culture of that audience. This helps the children to identify with the characters and make the message clear and memorable … (read more)


No Strings International (No Strings Productions and No Strings UK together) has partnered with international non-governmental organizations, their local partners and government networks. Trocaire, a leading Irish development organization … (read more)

Our Work

Afghanistan – Land Mine Safety
Indonesia – Natural Disaster Preparedness & Social Conflict
Africa – HIV/Aids Series
Haiti – Trauma, Child Protection & Public Health
Syria – Trauma, Social Conflict & Peace Building