Natural Disaster Risk Reduction Series – a five production series created for Indonesia. (Earthquake, Flood/Landslide, Volcano, Tsunami and Cyclone)

These productions teach preparation and safety during disasters and provide instructions on what to do in the aftermath. A narrator tells the story of the misadventures of Badu, a know-it-all loafer who is unwilling to listen to good advice and suffers the consequences, while his opposite, a bright Little Girl, listens and learns and is able to help others.

“Two Gardens”
A peace building video created for Indonesia

In this video, the lazy Badu is hired to care for two gardens. When the work seems to much for him, his kindly boss brings in an outsider to help. Badu becomes resentful and fearful that he’ll lose his job and soon turns the townspeople against the newcomer.

Disaster Trailer

Indonesia Foriegn Language 1

Two Gardens (Social Conflict)

Indonesia Foreign Language 2