Types of Puppets

Magic Tent Shadow Puppets courtesy of International Children’s Television

No Strings Productions uses many types of puppets to achieve the look of a story. Often times, a particular type of puppet is used because of the requirement of the role it plays, for example a giant or miniature character. A different type of puppetry can also be used in order to achieve a specific effect such as a story within a story done with shadow puppets.
Types of puppets we have used include:

  • Moving-mouth puppets (like the Muppets)
  • Rod puppets
  • Shadow puppets
  • Walk-around puppets (like Big Bird)
  • Giant rod puppets
  • Glove puppets
  • Bunraku or tabletop puppets
  • Marionettes
  • And more…

The video above will give you an idea of how we have used different types of puppets in the past.