About Us

No Strings Productions is a not-for-profit production company that makes entertaining, educational PUPPET VIDEOS for children, their families & their communities. To date our productions have been made for children in the developing world and have addressed issues that are crucial to the lives of those children.

No Strings Productions have addressed:

  • HIV/AIDS for children in sub Saharan Africa,

  • Natural Disaster Preparedness for Indonesia,

  • Peace Building for Indonesia and the Philippines,

  • Landmine Safety for Afghanistan,

  • Child Exploitation, Trauma and Public Health for Haiti,

  • Trauma and Peace Building/Social Conflict for Syria

No Strings’ videos are now being used in 13 countries in 24 languages and growing!

“Historically puppets have been used to both entertain and teach. Puppets can approach dark, scary and even taboo subjects in an appealing, abstract way that creates fertile soil for the sowing of new ideas.”

Kathryn Mullen, Co-founder and Artistic Director, No Strings Productions