How We Do It


Collaborating with our sponsoring organizations and their domestic or in-country experts, a video is designed to reflect the culture of its intended region, while, at the same time, being generic enough to be extended into other nearby or similar regions.

  • A relationship is formed with a sponsoring agency or commissioning organization through our UK partners or directly with us.
  • The Video (or video series) subject is identified
  • Extensive research is done on the country and subject matter with close consultation with domestic or in-country experts, in order to hone an end product that is informative, entertaining and culturally sensitive.
  • The concept, storyline, and characters are created by No Strings Productions and approved by the sponsoring agency (with continuing input from the domestic and in-country advisors).
  • Each video is designed to reflect the culture of its’ intended region, while at the same time, being appropriate enough to be utilized in similar regions.
  • Scripts are written and approved making sure that all culturally sensitive issues are addressed.
  • Puppets and sets are designed, approved and built.
  • The videos’ are shot in English by top industry professionals.
  • The videos’ scores are written and recorded and the final English version is edited.
  • At this point, the English version is sent to No Strings UK who have them dubbed into the appropriate language or languages (by native speakers) in the beneficiary country. (Click Here to See Sample Dubbed Clips)
  • Workshops are designed and run using ancillary materials that have been created to teach delegates from sponsoring agencies and their partners how to use the videos most effectively. (See No Strings UK Field Operations and Outreach)