No Strings’ videos are now being used in 13 countries in 24 languages and growing!

After watching our videos and taking the puppet workshops children often create their own puppet shows that express their feelings and further explore what they have learned.  Our workshops also give the children (and their teachers who participate) the wonderful and creative craft of puppetry.

All our videos are available for viewing in schools, libraries and other venues or events.  If you would like to use our existing videos, we recommend you also book the accompanying workshops on content, puppet making and use of puppetry as a teaching tool.  Workshops can be designed for your specific needs.

To date our videos have been used in developing countries to teach vital messages. Many of the subjects we have covered are relevant to populations in the developed world and can serve as a “way in” to conversations about difficult situations. Peace building and social conflict can bring up messages of bullying and tolerance. Natural disasters can occur anywhere and knowledge on how to prepare, where to go and what to do can saves lives.  Our videos on cyclones, earthquakes and tsunamis have been incorporated into the school curriculum in the Philippines.

If you are interested in stand alone puppet workshops be it for staff, teachers or children, No Strings Productions can help.

Professional puppeteers and puppet builders from NO STRINGS PRODUCTIONS teach the use of puppetry as a powerful learning tool.

Children of all ages enjoy the puppet building and performing.

There are many types of puppets to make and explore:
Sock puppets
Rod puppets
Hand puppets
Scarf marionettes
Found object puppets
Tabletop puppets